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UHDUnrivaled premium broadcasting services

t-broad’s digital broadcasting,
UHD broadcasting service launched for
the first time in the world!

4 times more vivid and clearer than full HD
Ultra high-quality UHD broadcasting!
t-broad takes the initiative.

* What is Ultra High Definition (UHD)?
Ultra high-quality broadcasting four times more vivid and clearer than the conventional full HD

First in the world Dream picture quality UHD

Features and Advantages of UHD

compare full HD with t-broad UHD video

Over 4 times more vivid and clearer than full HD

Ultra high-quality definition four times more vivid than the conventional full HD
With the advanced resolution technology, we offer the finest and clearest UHD broadcasting services.

t-broad launches
Korea’s first ‘UHD Production Center’

t-broad’s local channel (Ch4) develops UHD contents and production system to provide UHD services through the production of Korea’s first UHD sports contents.


Resolution 1920x1080 3840x2160 7680x4320
Bits per Pixel 8 bit 8~12 bits 8~12 bits
Quality - 4 times more vivid
and clearer than HD
16 times more vivid
than HD
Compression Method H.264 MPEG2 HEVC H.264 HEVC H.264
Transfer Rate 30-frame 8 Mbps 16 Mbps 64 Mbps
60-frame 16 Mbps 32 Mbps 128 Mbps

UHD provides 4 to 16 times crisper screen quality than HD

4K UHD has 4 times more, while 8K UHD has 16 times more pixels than conventional HD
(4K and 8K indicate the number of pixels in a horizontal scanning line of a TV screen)

With the HEVC compression method, the transmission speed required is about 16 to 128Mpbs

4K needs 16 to 32Mbps while 8K needs 64-128Mpbs

A digital TV screen has numerous dots (pixels). It ‘draws’ a frame as one would paint on a canvas dot by dot.
So if the screen resolution increases, the screen quality gets better, thus requiring higher transmission speed.