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High Speed InternetEra of 100M Internet! Enjoy the best Internet services with fast and stable t-broad’s optic LAN!

Enjoy the best Internet services with fast and stable t-broad’s optical LAN!

Download a 1GB movie in just 25.6 seconds!

The Internet, which is 4 times faster than LTE

Features and advantages of high-speed Internet

High-speed Internet packages

Category Max. Speed Target
Smart Green 20M Economical customers who usually use the Internet on their smartphone and want to enjoy the minimum wired Internet services at home
Smart Optical LAN 50M Those who want to use the Internet for web surfing (primarily using portals such as NAVER and DAUM)
Smart Special 100M Those who want to enjoy the high-speed Internet (100M) at reasonable prices
Smart Turbo 320M Smart customers who want to enjoy the world’s fastest Internet service (about 3 times faster than 100M)
Smart GIGA 1G Residents of special grade apartments who want Internet service 10 times faster than 100M


VAT NOT included (VAT included)

Price Guide
Category Max. Speed Internet TV + Internet
Smart Green 20M ₩15,000 (₩16,500) ₩19,000 (₩20,900)
Smart Optical LAN 50M ₩21,000 (₩23,100) ₩22,000 (₩24,200)
Smart Special 100M ₩23,100 (₩25,410) ₩23,000 (₩25,300)
Smart Turbo 320M ₩24,500 (₩26,950) ₩24,000 (₩26,400)
Smart GIGA 1G ₩33,000 (₩36,300) ₩32,000 (₩35,200)

* The combination package is ‘Economy HD'

Mom-free services

General Internet protection service which regulates the time of the Internet use to keep children safe from obscene and violent contents and game addiction

  • Rates: KRW 3,000 (VAT NOT included)/month – Additionally charged monthly
  • Service type: Blocking access to obscene and violent websites through the Internet network (program download and installation)
  • Subscription/cancellation: Customer Service Center (1877-7000)
  • Partner: Plenty Net (www.plentynet.com)

Major functions

100% prevention, automatic blocking of the Internet communication network / Software blocking Available if Mom-free Plus is installed