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Digital BroadcastingUnrivaled premium broadcasting services


Smart choice for a smart life!
t-broad digital broadcasting!

Smart Plus transformation from normal TV
to smart TV!

Smart Plus will turn your plain TV into a smart TV!
You will be able to enjoy various smart services
(Web browsing, YouTube, Games, SNS, etc.) on your conventional TV set.

Web browser and apps on TV! t-broad Digital Broadcasting

Advantages of digital broadcasting

Web Browsing on TV
Web directly accessed from your TV screen without the need of a PC or smartphone
Voice recognition, motion-pointing remote control
Smart remote controller enables voice search and motion pointer
Personal Media on TV
The USB port reads all your music, pictures and videos
My Content Curator on TV
Home portals with real-time popular channels and customized content recommendations
Discontinuance-free stable services
Broadcasting services still available despite the discontinuance of the Internet and poor weather conditions
More than 200 Channels
Drama, film, entertainment, golf/sports, news, documentary, Kids, etc.
Free terrestrial VOD without limit
Unlimited VODs at monthly fees, including all paid dramas and entertainment programs from KBS, MBC, and SBS
Bundle Discounts with the Internet and Telephone Services
DPS and TPS discounts are available when bundled with other services
(Digital broadcasting with high-speed internet, Smart AP and telephone)

Digital broadcasting

Channel offerings

Channel offerings
Category No. of Channels Target
Economy HD Approx. 110 ‘HD Economy’ offers high-quality digital channels at an affordable rate.
Basic HD Approx. 169 ‘HD Basic’ offers more drama and entertainment channels than ‘HD Economy’. Ideal for family subscribers
Premium HD Approx. 201 ‘HD Premium’ offers a full lineup of all channels including premium golf and documentary channels.


VAT NOT included (VAT included)

Category No. of Channels TV TV + Internet
Economy HD 110 ₩10000 (₩11,000) ₩23,000 (₩25,300)
Basic HD 169 ₩15,000 (₩16,500) ₩27,000 (₩29,700)
Premium HD 201 ₩18,000 (₩19,800) ₩29,000 (₩31,900)

The Internet package is ‘Smart Special (100M)’.

Additional services

Additional services
Category Movie Package Drama Package Sports Package Remark
Rates KRW 2,000 KRW 3,000 KRW 3,000 Economy HD
No. of Channels 10 20 20
Channels XTM, Superaction, etc. Drama Max, E Channel, etc. KBS, MBC Sports, etc.

HD Plus Package : Choose your selected channels

HD Plus Package is available for Economy HD viewers ONLY.

Digital Broadcasting VOD Ads

Digital Broadcasting VOD (Kim Joon-hyeon)

[Watching the latest films by Kim Joon-hyeon]
Now, turn on your smartphone.
Enjoy your food with comfort. Stretch your legs and baldly display your affection to your boy or girl friend. Do you still go to a theater to watch a movie?
Now, enjoy the latest movie with comfort at home.
Feel like watching a movie? Click the digital cable VOD.

Digital Broadcasting VOD (Kim Tae-Hee)

[Watching the latest films by Kim Tae-hui]
Now, turn on your smartphone.
Enjoy your food with comfort. Do NOT concern about others.
Frankly express your affection to your husband or wife.
Now, enjoy the latest movie with comfort at home.
My family’s home theater – Cable VOD.