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MobileRemarkable money saving! Reduce your phone bill up to 80% with more benefits!

t-broad’s new mobile communication service ensuring dramatic reduction of phone bills

  • Low base rates (decrease by 30%)
  • Easy subscription process
  • Simple replacement of USIM card in current handset
  • No complicated subscription requirements or compulsory services

Saved phone bill, t-broad Mobile!

Mobile Phone

Steady selling model! Slim and stylish folder phone
‘Wine Sherbet’

  • No. 1 feature phone! Refined and stylish design
  • The Bigger, the Better! Large display (3.0 inch)
  • 2 million pixels – high-resolution multimedia
  • Camera at front – Easy self-photographing and video conferencing

TTA-certified best product in ICT!!
Stylish design in fascinating black-metal color ‘Minimal Folder’

  • Neat and refined design in prefect harmony of black and silver color
  • Good grip and large keypad
  • SOS, FM radio, step counter functions
  • 2 million pixels – Vivid multimedia


Mobile package plan
Plan High Voice Call 9 High Voice Call 17
Base Rates KRW 9,000 KRW 17,000
Installment Payment
Period (Months)
24 30 36 24 30 36
Discount - KRW 1,000 / month
Basic Services - 60 minutes (phone call), 50 short messages

※ A monthly payment may vary depending on the installment amount and installation period (VAT NOT included).