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Internet Home PhoneRemarkable money saving! Reduce your phone bill up to 80% with more benefits!

The Emergence of a New Generation:
Home phone + smartphone =
Smart Home Phone!

Good-bye ‘home phone’!
Good-buy ‘Smart Home Phone’!

Come and try ‘Smart Life’ in which your
smartphone becomes a home phone at home.

The new generation for home telephone services Internet Home Phone!

Internet Home Phone service

Free phone service without limit for all families
Up to four smartphones can be registered as home phone, with call transfers among family members
Smartphone rates as low as home phone
Affordable home phone for housewives who often make long calls
Lower than general mobile phone rates by 60%
Keeping the address book in the smartphone
The address book in your smartphone is available as it is.
Free WiFi services using various devices such as smartphone and laptop computer through the installation of Smart AP
‘Automatic Missed Call Alarm’
An alarm service when you fail to answer the phone at home

Installation of Internet Home Phone app

Download ‘tplus zone’ at Google Play store to get access to Smart Home Phone services.

Google Play store > tpluszone Mobile App > Down/Install